10 Care And Maintenance Tips For Composite Decking

10 Care And Maintenance Tips For Composite Decking

April 6, 2021 0 Comment

With composite decking sydney normally expected to have a long life span, it means there is a lot of that it will need to be maintained. To be fair, compared to other materials such as timber, the amount of time, effort, and money required to maintain is minimal, however, that does mean you can simply not bother.

If you do not do any maintenance, including cleaning it, your composite decking can soon show signs of damage, staining and fading, and given that it will not be the cheapest thing you buy for your home and garden, it will pay dividends in terms of how good it looks and how long it lasts, if you look after it properly.

If you are unsure how to maintain composite decking, here are ten tips that should help you not only maintain it, but to avoid some of the issues that can arise.

Redirect Vents

If you have any vents which expel hot air from your home, ensure that the hot air being expelled is not being blown directly on your composite decking. this heat can cause the material to decay, plus it will also cause excess moisture on the decking.

Redirect Downpipes

Another way to avoid excess moisture potentially causing a problem for composite decking is to ensure that its flow is not directly on or near the decking. If you can point them away from the decking.

Avoid Standing Water

Whether it is from a downpipe, a vent, or whatever the source, try to avoid any instances of standing water to occur on composite decking. Mildew and mould thrive when there is a source of moisture, which standing water most certainly would be.

Avoid Rubber Backed Mats and Rugs

By all means put rugs and mats on composite decking, however, try to avoid using those which have rubber backing as these trap unwanted moisture. Instead only use rugs and mats which are woven as they allow air to penetrate and dry any moisture which exists.

Keep Mulch and Composts at Distance

If you use composts and mulches in your garden do not store them any near composite decking. Again, it is the moisture that these types of materials contain that can cause harm to composite decking.

Allow Ventilation Under The Decking

As you may have gathered, moisture is not something that we want composite decking to have to have to deal with due to the damage it can cause. In order to help dry the decking quicker, if possible, allow for some ventilation under the decks by having a six-inch gap so that air can flow.

Sweep As Often As Possible

Maybe not the most high-tech of maintenance tasks but sweeping your decking regularly top remove leaves, dust, and other debris will prolong the life of composite decking.

Clear The Gaps

Debris can get stuck in the gaps, and it can be especially harmful if it is wet. Use a small brush, a spatula, or a thin piece of plastic to clear it. You might also want to rinse those gaps that had debris to ensure they are clear.

Remove Grease Or Oil Immediately

If you ever spill substances such as cooking oil or grease, while cooking a barbecue, for example, you wipe them away quickly and clean the area with a mild detergent and warm water.

Never Use Bleach

No matter how bad a stain might be, NEVER EVER use bleach to try and clean it. Bleach is corrosive and as such, will damage composite decking, even if diluted.

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