6 Signs That A Kitchen Is Well Made

6 Signs That A Kitchen Is Well Made

February 7, 2021 0 Comment

When you start shopping around for a new home to call your own, the kitchens generally are what you notice first. After all, they add the most value to a property and gain the most traffic in an average day.

But even if a kitchen looks good, it’s essential to know that looks can be deceiving. These signs below can be what to look out for if you want to determine whether a kitchen is well-made or not.

They Are Made of Plywood

Two of the most common building materials in kitchens are plywood and particleboard. Out of these two options, cabinet makers tend to use plywood as it is the stronger and higher-quality option. With this material, cabinets are better able to hold their shape. What’s more, they repel moisture, whereas particleboard typically doesn’t.

The Back Panel Is Full Height and Strong

One of the main reasons why kitchen cabinetry collapses is because the back panel wasn’t strong enough to handle the weight of whatever was inside or on the top of the cabinetry.

Back panels should be at least 3/8-inch and have full strength on both sides, the top and the bottom. As a result, you can attach it to wall studs at any point and have it remain strong throughout its years of use.

They Have Soft-Close Hinges

Think about how many times your home’s occupants will open and close a cabinet in an average day. Hinges can be one of the first things to break in a kitchen if they are not high-quality. Where possible, opt for soft-close hinges that feature hardened steel and complete adjustment.

If they aren’t, you may notice that they are loose, start to sag, or don’t close a cabinet door properly. When you begin viewing homes for sale, open and close a few cabinet doors to notice what kind of hinges they have.

The Drawers Close Smoothly

Drawers have to hold an awful amount of weight. Think about how heavy a single piece of cutlery is, then multiply by at least 20 for each drawer. Some cabinet makers cut corners by using low-quality slides. These don’t last the distance and can lead to significant kitchen cabinetry damage.

You can spot quality, soft-close glides by their steel ball bearings and how they run the entire length of the drawer. You can also notice the difference in how softly they close against the cabinetry after you open them.

The Drawers Have Superior Joins

As previously mentioned, the average kitchen drawer has to hold a lot of weight. Therefore, it should be manufactured to hold a lot of weight. Take note of how the bottoms join to the sides. Glue and staples will cause the bases to sag and potentially drop out over time. Opt for dovetail joins or similar for a more superior finish.

They Feature Melamine or Similar Internal Materials

Over time, kitchen cabinetry can be subjected to dust, crumbs, and spillage. This may or may not be easy to clean up, depending on what shelving materials had been used in their construction.

Steer away from particleboard that is not easy to clean or maintain. Instead, ensure the cabinetry has melamine or similar, which is resistant to stains and water.

A kitchen is not a deal-breaker in a home you are looking to purchase, but it helps to know what to look for to determine if it’s high-quality or not. Fortunately, if you decide to upgrade at a later date, there are plenty of custom kitchen cabinetry makers who will be more than willing to assist.  

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