Decorate Your Pool

Decorate Your Pool with 5 Trendy Design Ideas

May 13, 2015 0 Comment

How do you know you have arrived in life? Well one way to know for sure is to check whether you have a beautiful pool at your backyard and if you have one….well you know what to assume. Having a pool also means organizing great pool parties, so you do need to put a bit more effort in there and maintain that beauty to impress everyone around you.

Here are some great tips to decorate your swimming pool areas, which would turn all your parties to success and friends into envious rivals.

  • Invest in a unique Theme inspired range– The theme could be anything that matches your style and personality. Quirky or elegant, keep a colour code and theme in mind and stick with it. It could be mythical Atlantis or crazy Disneyland inspired fountains, but the accessories and sets should match up to the same idea to make an impact. Inflatable mermaid water toys and inspired diving lofts and ladders add up to the style.

  • Tap in the Backyard sales for the Pool patio decorations such as inflatables, ducky’s for kids, reclining chairs and poolside cushion chairs. You can add up to the luxury quotient by getting small mahogany wood corner tables which could double up as towel storage as well as neat drinks stands. Crisp white wooden swimwear shelves and foot wear racks gives your pool a beach look, so add them on.
  • Lightings who said Lamps cannot be for a backyard pool side? With the parties carrying on till wee hours of mornings, having crazy lightings fixtures, both underwater and outsides can be real life of the party, while adhering to the Australian building code here: Residential Lighting Control. When you have a decided colour theme you can match up the ante with warm citronella candles as the finishing personal touch, and guess what they kill mosquitoes too!
  • Add some Greens Yes, something as simple and cheap as having baby palms trees potted all along the Pool patch in tubs would make the whole experience worthwhile. Markets are afloat with Japanese Zen Garden inspired pool plants and flowers meant to add the flavour of exotic. These plants are easy to maintain and blends with the aquatic scene, so splash them for that visual treat.
  • Flowers, Fins and FeathersYes, as intimidating as it sounds, but with the help of any local hardware shop you can achieve this fantasy. Get a terracotta water basin planted in a sunny corner or huge ceramic bowl with a shallow base and fill up with potpourri which would add colours and fragrance to the pool side. If you have extra space then small fish aquariums and birds stands can be placed with deep dishes to have bird feed in them. Just put them up and it would be inviting birds in no time.

You could be a young blood, single charmer with your friends hanging out at your den or a family guy who always has loved ones and children splashing around, with these funky ideas for pool decorations you will be a sensation without burning a big hole in your pocket. All you need is a little planning and ideas of your own and you can enlighten the backyard pool area as your private haven for fun and frolic. After all this is exactly what you worked hard for right?

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