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What to Plant around Your Pool

Garden pools are increasingly becoming a favorite component of residential landscapes. Even homes that do not boast of a large land area are opting for garden designs that allow them to fit in cozy little pool. In order to refrain from messing up with the aesthetics of the shrubbery, it is important to choose the right plants to ornament the edges of your pool.

Before going into the details of what plants to choose, it is necessary to understand which ones to avoid. This considerably narrows down the scope of plants available to decorate your pool, and makes the whole process of decision making easier.

What kind of plants should you NOT use around your pool?

There are four types of plants that you should absolutely steer away from the pool area –

  1. Thorny plants – Cacti, Aloe Vera, and of course, roses are all too thorny to be by the pool. They can be an inconvenience to have around the swimming area as you could accidentally bruise yourself.
  2. Thirsty plants – Plants, like the weeping willow, that need more than the usual amounts of water are not advisable to have around your pool. These plants can end up invading the pool’s lining system to satisfy their need or moisture.
  3. Messy plants – Plants that constantly shed their leaves or flowers or seeds can cause a lot of mess around the area that they are planted in. And nobody wants this mess to land up in their pool.
  4. Rooty plants – Plants that develop an invasive and extensive root system can interfere with and damage the pool’s architecture. Trees and such invasive plants should be kept at a distance of at least ten feet from the edge of the pool.

So what plants are okay to grow around your swimming pool?

Once you have eliminated any plant that falls in the above mentioned categories, the scope is narrowed down quite a bit. Picking eligible plants is mostly a matter of personal preference. Some of the most popular choices for poolside plants are listed below.

  • The colored ones – Who doesn’t love color? Especially around a sparkling blue body of water? Everybody dies, and this is exactly why cannas, which come is a burst of wonderful colors, are one of the most popular pool plants.
  • The tropical plants – One really helpful characteristic feature of these plants is that they can be potted and grown in containers. This makes it an obvious choice to have along the edge of your pool, as the containers or urns can form a neat, dotted boundary, while the plants in them, like hibiscus, or bottlebrush can add to the ornamental appeal.
  • The traditional grasses – If you are a staunch believe in the tried and true methods, ornamental grasses are your safest bet. Ornamental grasses are tailor-made to add visual value to your pool. There are affordable, they can thrive with very little effort at maintenance, they are neat plants, and they also have a relaxing effect on the viewers, owing to their delicate swaying movements.
  • The healing herbs – This option helps you strike two birds with one stone. You get to decorate your pool, and you also have your own garden of herbs such as thyme, spearmint, and rosemary.


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