7 Advantages Of Glass Balustrading Vs Wire Balustrading

7 Advantages Of Glass Balustrading Vs Wire Balustrading

June 1, 2022 0 Comment

The option of adding a balustrade to your home will inevitably mean you having to make several choices, and one decision that is almost certain to crop up is whether to opt for glass balustrading or wire balustrading. Let us say from the outset that both are excellent options and whichever you choose will make give your home an improved appearance and functionality.

However, rather than simply tossing a coin to determine whether it is glass or wire balustrading, you should seriously consider how they compare to each other. In particular, you should compare them against seven extremely important criteria. To save you time, we have done so below.


Many homeowners have children and pets and therefore safety is a top priority for them when choosing balustrading. Here glass balustrading wins comfortably given that it can provide a greater impregnable barrier to children and pets accessing areas that might be dangerous for them, such as glass pool fencing. On the other hand,  wire balustrading has multiple gaps which small children and pets can easily get through.


Appearance is often in the eye of the beholder, but even a quick comparison of how glass panels and wires appear will tell you that glass invariably wins the comparison. In addition, most glass balustrading suppliers can offer you a choice of glass colours and some even have etched designs. As for wires, there are few if any options for styling or colours.


This is a feature which you could arguably say is even because both wire lustrating and glass balustrading allow you to see through them. However, if pushed to pick a winner, once again glass wins. Why? Well, a glass panel is completely clear and gives you a complete view of what is on the other side. Wires, however, especially if they are fitted close together, do hinder the view slightly.

Wind And Noise Protection

There is only one winner here, and that is glass balustrading. Whereas the gaps between the wires in wire balustrading allow wind and dust to blow throw, with the fixed glass panels used in glass balustrading, wind and dust are blocked. In addition, glass balustrading is more able to reduce the amount of noise that penetrates the area than wire balustrading can.


One of the huge appeals of glass balustrading is that it requires a minimal amount of maintenance. An occasional wiping of the glass with a dry cloth to keep it clean, and regular inspections to ensure there are no chips or cracks in the glass are all that is required. Wire balustrading does need cleaning to remove dust and moisture to avoid it rusting and it may require adjustments to the tension occasionally.


Another close one, but experience tells us that glass balustrading is the more durable of the two. Wire balustrading lasts well, but in time the wires can become stretched and start to sag. Adjusting them might help, but eventually, one or more wires may need to be replaced. Glass balustrading is extremely durable, and it is not out of the question for them to last many years.

Perceived Value

When you invest in balustrading for your home, an added benefit is that it usually adds value to that home. In comparing the two, glass balustrading undoubtedly adds more value than wire balustrading. Its appearance and its durability are what make that happen and often having glass balustrading is one of the reasons that a buyer will pay the asking price for a property.

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