Beautiful Water Features

Beautiful Water Features for your Garden

October 25, 2017 0 Comment

Gardens need to be watered regularly, and the old system of taps and hosepipes has almost been buried for good. With landscaping becoming increasingly popular in most suburban homes and countryside villas, the concept of adding an aesthetic twist to one of these most basic gardening activities has caught on like wild fire. The simple logic behind this wonderful trend is this – if you’re going to have to water your plans anyway, why not make it an art?

As a result, a number of water features have become popular among garden enthusiasts and the home handyman. We have compiled a list of some of the most unique water feature architecture.

  • Rooftop water features – Rooftop gardens are ideal for urban homes and residences in metropolitan areas. These compact gardens can be paired with cozy water features that are located in the center of the roof, or perhaps by the side of a rooftop pool, if you have one. Rooftop watering designs can also be made to resemble a pond, or an infinity pool.

  • Water features set in stone – Rugged stones that can serve as works of art are also becoming a popular choice for creating unique water features. They can be arranged to form a stacked stone wall that allows water to pass through the gaps between the wild arrangements of stones. The stones can also be stacked up to form a vase or a pitcher that serves as a base for a water fountain.
  • Step waterfalls – Garden with more land area can be designed to allow water to fall gently across a number of nimbly placed marble or stone steps. The destination for these step waterfalls can be a mini pool that is bordered by tall grass and other pool plants. Using colored stones can add to the beauty of this design.
  • Intricate loop-de-loops – If you have a garden or a field that runs all the way around your house, you can brighten up the place by setting up a watering mechanism that runs and wraps the entire space. You can add water spills, mini fountains that mark various portions of the garden, fish ponds and stone ponds, theme fountains, sprinklers, and miniature water falls to the setup. Throw in a mix of rocks and large plants, and you have a garden that offers you privacy as well.
  • Making the ordinary extraordinary – Who says you need to go all out to design unique water features? With a couple of basic everyday materials like colored tiles and water faucets, a neat water feature can be conjured up in no time. You can line the water passages with colored tiles to add to the attractiveness of your garden, and employ decorative water faucets to control the water flow.
  • Garden installations – If your garden spreads across large land spaces, then the thumb rule is – the bigger, the better. A number of installations can be fixed in to add a touch of luxury to the space. Light installations are a hot trend in the market now, and the way the water reflects through them can be enticing. Fountain installations and centerpieces are another interesting choice. Alternatively, you can install a deck that runs all around the garden, and then fit it with faucets or tiny fountains to allow for a pervasive water feature.
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