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Commercial Landscaping – A Complete Mini-Guide

September 26, 2016 0 Comment

What is commercial landscaping?

Landscaping is the art of designing, developing, and maintaining a given area of land in an aesthetically pleasing manner. There are several kinds and aspects of landscaping. Garden landscaping, swimming pool landscaping, residential landscaping, and commercial landscaping are some of the many examples. Commercial landscaping is the practice of maintaining and managing the space around commercial establishments like office, retail and apartment complexes, commercial towers, and business premises. Several of the practices involved in commercial landscaping resemble the techniques in residential landscaping. There are, however, a few minor differences in the approach adopted in the practice of commercial landscaping.

Residential Landscaping vs. Commercial Landscaping –

There are a few very obvious differences between the two, and then some not so obvious ones. To understand further, let us list out the  areas of difference.

  • Commercial landscaping covers commercial properties, while residential landscaping is concerned with homes and the surrounding gardens.
  • Residential landscaping practices are more flexible when compared with their commercial landscaping counterparts. In the latter, some styles of landscaping are unacceptable.
  • Commercial properties are covered by more restrictions and subject to more regulations and legislations than residential spaces. This often calls for the involvement of several experts in the design and development of commercial landscaping, thus making it a more complex affair.

What kind of properties does commercial landscaping cover?

Commercial landscaping can be applied to a wide variety of property. Basically, any place that is not a private residential is eligible to be landscaped commercially. An illustrative list to facilitate further understanding in this area would read as follows –

  • Residential apartment complexes that house hundreds of flats
  • Integrated townships and condominium developments
  • Factories, manufacturing units, and production facilities
  • Restaurants and entertainment facilities
  • Hospitals and healthcare units
  • Theme parks
  • College campuses
  • Shopping malls

What services do commercial landscaping experts offer?

Commercial landscape contractors have to take several things into consideration before they draw up an agreement with their clients. Unlike residential landscaping experts, whose primary purpose is improving the appeal of the residential spaces, commercial landscape artists need to adapt to the commercial environment they function in. They also need to keep in mind that while their clients need to benefit from their landscaping services, they also need to ensure that their services add value to their clients’ properties, and that they maximize the return on their clients’ investments.

That apart, they offer a plethora of services related to landscape development and design. Some of the universal commercial landscaping services, commonly included in the service packages are –

  • Landscape design and development
  • Installation and fitting out garden features such as fountains, retaining walls, fences, and patios
  • Establishing water features
  • Developing, installing and maintaining drainage solution systems
  • Designing and implementing irrigation projects
  • Planting, pruning, and care for trees
  • Landscape architecture and lighting
  • Adherence to legal requirements in landscaping

The Advantages of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping has a number of favorable effects on a business, such as –

  • An increase in the attractiveness of the premises
  • Adoption of an eco-friendly approach to commerce
  • Improved productivity on account of a better work environment
  • Increase in market value of the products and services
  • Greater customer satisfaction
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