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Home Design Ideas

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3 French Style Home Design Remodelling Ideas

Designing a home may take up a lot of research, especially, when you are planning on a unique and elegant one. To be precise if you have zeroed down on a French style home design, then you should be aware that it includes many huge designs adding up to thousands.

To make your task simpler here are three chief categories of French style home decor that you can achieve quite easily.

  1. Provence
  2. Chateau
  3. Country

Remodelling in French Provencal Fashion

Provencal is a style which is quite simple and natural. The home design ideas stated below concern Mayle/Luberon Provence for their fame among masses:

  • For your living area, build a manufactured stone veneer fireplace. If you are unable to do so, you can heap stone around the oven area within your kitchen.
  • Go for Ocher colours. You can easily avail them for well-known paint manufacturers.
  • For the floors install terra cotta tiles. These can be slightly expensive and are best suited for small spaces. For a warm and soft feel on the floors opt for antique French oak flooring in your living spaces.
  • Vintage shutters can complete the Provencal look in your home design. The best place to find them is online shopping portals where shutters from barns and old houses are handcrafted to look antique.
  • To give your furniture an antique Provencal look use Chalk paint or Milk paint. Chalk Paint’s matte and chalky feeling gives the furniture an old and regal look. It is available in colours that are very much French Provencal such as Napoleonic Blue, Barcelona Orange, and Arles. Milk paint originally comes in a powder form and has to be mixed with water. It also produces an antique non-glossy look.

Remodelling in French Château Fashion

French Château brings a grand feeling to the home design. When renovating your dining space in this fashion the basics to be kept in mind are-

  • As far as the colours go it is best to stick to narrow palettes
  • There should be crisp linens
  • Polished silverware work superbly in presenting a glossy look
  • Dazzling chandeliers add magnificence and brighten up the dining room

Remodelling in French Country Fashion

There was a time when the French country styles were considered ancient and unfit for home decor. Today, those age-old fashions are popularly followed to pep up interiors across the world. The style is simple, solid and organized yet amazingly refreshing.

  • The French country style blends contrasting elements to create elegant looking home decor.
  • To present a uniquely well-designed look in the simple kitchen shelf place rustic terra cotta pots next to flashy candlesticks.

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is a superb option to get that perfect French look as it dries to an attractive, dry, matte finish. Chalk paint can be utilized in various creative ways to present innovative effects.

For instance, if you have a bureau and wish to transform it into a French style bureau and add it to your home decor then all you need is- Chalk Paint, brushes, wax, a cloth and your creative ideas.

Effortlessly, you can bring in a fabulous French style right to your interior spaces and embrace the compliments flowing in as your guests gaze with amazement.

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