7 Tips For Landscape Gardeners To Prepare For An Impending Storm

7 Tips For Landscape Gardeners To Prepare For An Impending Storm

October 12, 2022 0 Comment

No matter where you live, and how agreeable the prevailing climate and daily weather might be, there is always the risk of a storm hitting your location, and when you are aware of such an impending storm then there are several actions you must take to protect your landscaping. This is especially the case versus normal gardens given that landscaped gardens are likely to have more features, furniture, and plants, plus it is also an investment that you want to protect.

We appreciate that there are different types of storms and where you live will dictate which of them is the more prevalent be that rainstorms, thunderstorms, snowstorms, or storms where the winds are extremely destructive. It is the latter of these that our advice mainly focuses on, although it should go without saying that no matter what type of storm is forecast for your area, you must take some action to ensure no or at least minimal damage to your landscaped garden.

Tip #1 – Bring Everything Movable Inside

The simplest and most obvious step you can take to protect your landscaped garden from an approaching storm is to bring inside anything which is not fixed and thus movable. Even if an item in question is relatively heavy, remember storms have been known to lift an entire house off the ground, so a heavy piece of garden furniture is certainly not immune to the risk.

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